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All the answers below were contributed by John Booth CGAE (aka Doc John) - John was in the trade 40 plus years; as a conscientious and dependable professional in all aspects of the industry, he has excellent analytical and assessment skills, recognized for a high degree of integrity and dedication to the cause.

The'Doc' Has now retired


Attended London University's prestigious Automotive Engineers Program.
Served apprenticeship with Rolls Royce.
Worked on all major European and North American vehicles.
He has an Engineering Degree and is a licensed technician.

The Q & A's

Taurus - AC compressor problems
2WD Day Van - Rear Shocks recommend
The Ooey Gooey Carburetter - The Ooey Gooey Carburetter
Malibu - Problems relating to Anti-Theft device etc.
G20 Vandura Dayvan - Brake master cylinder
Synthetic Oil - May not benefit the older engine
Synthetic Oil/ Organic Oil? - Synthetic Oil vs Organic Oil?
Firebird - Excessive Oil Consumption
Fuel cut off and air bag - Fuel cut off and air bag
Trans Am - Rear break pads - problems changing.
Trans Am 400 4SP - Transmission Problem
American Decoke - American Decoke
351 C Ford V-8 - fire comes out of the carb
Cold start problem - Cold start problem
In-Car Computer Question - In-Car Computer Question (Reset)
Steering Wobble & Leaky Windscreen - Steering Wobble & Leaky Windscreen
Service Light Always On - Service Light Always On
Anti Freeze in Oil - Anti Freeze in Oil
Impala SS - Noises like exhaust leak
2WD - Shocks recommendation
Auto laws on repairs - Auto laws on repairs (What they can or cannot do)
Coolant - Brown rusty Sludge
Coolant - Can I Mix them? - Mix coolants
Petrol Savers - Do the petrol savers really work
newport - heater
Bonneville - battery, which is new, is overcharging
Crown Vic - oil pressure light
Continental - check power assist
Plymouth - Buzzing noise when shifting into reverse
Saturn SL-2 - Air conditioner problem
Buick Century - Engine light problems
Buick Century - Erratic temperature readout
Buick Grand National - White exhaust smoke
Cadillac Sedan Deville - Warning Lights
Cherokee Sport 4.0L. automatic - Engine rattling sound
Cherokee Sport 4.0L - Rattling sound
Chevelle - Brakes stay on
Chevrolet - Check Engine Light Problems
Chevrolet 2000 - sounds like something is slipping on acceleration
Chevrolet - pressure loss problem - Is the transmission toast?
Chevrolet Impala - Leaking Sunroof (Newly Fitted)
Chevrolet Malibu - Clock spring is broken
Chevy Blazer - CPI/fuel injector leaking fuel
Chevy Blazer - Accelerator pedal sticks
Chevy Corvette - Short on the Air Bag circuit
Chevy Lumina Van with a 3.4 DOHC - Engine makes a knocking type noise
Chevy Malibu - Stalling Problem
Chevy Suburban - Glow Plugs
Chevy Impala - No vacuum
chevy - Tyres Problem
Chevy Malibu - Cold weather, Stalling
Chevy Venture - Warning lights
Chevy C1500 - Diagnostic trouble codes
Chevy Beretta, Stalling - 90 Chevy Beretta, Stalling
Chevy Tahoe - Something constantly running
Chevy Silverado 1500 - Blowback in the air intake
Chevy Cavalier misfires - Chevy Cavalier misfires
Chev Day Van - Lighting Problems/ Burn out
Chevy Malibu - Overheating
Chevy Caprice - Idle speed be adjustment
Chevy Silverado - Blown manifold gasket
Chevy Cavalier - misfiring when damp conditions
Chevy 1500 - Electrical Problem
Chevy Malibu Bonnet Release - Bonnet is stuck closed
Chevy Silverado - Bumping through steering wheel on Right turn
Chevy - 2001 Chevy needs a new Body Control Module
Chevy Trailblazer - 2003 Chevy Trailblazer & a musty smell
Chevy Blazer - Leaking oil
Chevy Blazer - 98 Chevy Blazer temperature high
Chevy Silverado - Bumping Through Steering Wheel
Chevy blazer - Multiple oil leaks
Chrysler - Engine oil, sludging up
Chrysler Concorde - Oil pressure sending unit
Chrysler Voyager van - Transmission/gearbox problems
Chrysler Sebring - Running Problems - Problem keeping the car running
Chrysler - Check Engine light
Chrysler day van - Dodgy Dealer!
Chrysler Sebring Coupe - Wheeel baringsnot lasting long
Chrysler Town & Country - Multiple Cylinder Misfire code
Chrysler Concorde - Miss in the 5th cylinder
Chrysler - Lights coming on all over the place!
Chrysler New Yorker - What controls the air conditioner
Chrysler - Petrol flooding
Chrysler Concorde - Very strong petrol smell
Corsica 2.8 mfi - Transmission locks in top gear
Dodge Grand Caravan - Fuel gauge problem
Dodge Dakota - Ping from pre-ignition
Dodge Ram 150 Day van - Van back firing
Dodge 2500 Ram - Wheel Wobble
Dodge Dynasty - Brakes Hose & Overheating
Dodge Caravan - Cooling fan failings
Dodge Caravan - Wheel balancing problems
Dodge Ram 150 Day van - Back firing
Dodge Neon - Brake noise & Water Leaks
Dodge Dakota Sport - Loud tapping on start up
Dodge Neon - Brakes
Dodge 4WD - Heater blows only luke warm air
Dodge Ram 3500 - Transmission slip after bump
Dodge Dakota - Engine tapping when first start up
Dodge Ram - Petrol cap fallen into tank!
Dodge Dakota truck - Sludge Build up
Dodge Ram - 4 wheel drive = Nasty noise!
Durango - shifting points seem a little off
Dodge Durango - leak in the heater core
Dodge Grand Caravan - blowing blue smoke
Ford Taurus - Adding McPherson struts
Ford Taurus - Windscreen wipers problems
Ford Explorer XLT sports truck - Fuel Reset Switch
Ford F150 4x4 extended cab - Transmission makes a clunk sound
Ford Taurus - Transmission problems
Ford Explorer - Noises
Ford Taurus - Airbag light code 9
Ford Ranger - 1994 Ford Ranger - reset button for the petrol pump
Ford Taurus - Grinding noise from brakes
American model Ford Taurus - Battery light flickers
Ford Taurus - Airbag dash light stays blinking
Ford Contour SE -
Ford Probe - Ground Clearence
US Ford Probe - Transmission jumps
Ford F150 - No Heat
Ford Escort - Overheats if idling too
Ford Taurus - Popping in the rear
Ford Crown Victoria - Where is the reset on the computer
Mustang 4.0 Litre - Ticking V6 engine
Mercury Topaz - Grinding/clacking on Steering
Probe GT V6-24V - Weird smoke problem
Mustang - power Brake Booster
GMC Jimmy - Possible encoder failure
GMC Jimmy - Car has started to die whilst driving
GMC Pick-up - Ignition timing help
GMC Jimmy - Service light is always on.
Jeep Cherokee - Problem with the choke
Jeep Grand Cherokee - Brakes act strange
Jeep Grand Cherokee - Petrol Gauge
Jeep Grand Cherokee - The instrument panel not working!
Jeep Grand Cherokee - Pressure gauge falls
Jeep Wagoneer - stalling
Lincoln Mark VII - Parking brake problems
Lincoln Continental - Ignition coils breaking down
Lincoln Town Car - Computer driven dash board problem
Mercury Grand Marquis - Brake problems
Mercury Grand Marquis - Idle problem
Mercury Grand Marquis - High Idle Problem
Mercury Sable - Steering Locks in Wet!
Mustang GT - cooling problem - 95 Mustang GT cooling problem
Oldsmobile Ciera Wagon - Stalling problems
Olds Delta 88 - Blower motor will not stop running
Bravada Oldsmobile - Fire under passenger seat
Oldsmobile Bravada - Cylinder plug
Oldsmobile Cutlass - blue smoke
Olds Delta -
Plymouth Acclaim - Smoking Tailpipe
Plymouth Sundance - Fuel Consumption
Plymouth Voyager - Body control module
Plymouth Voyager - Air bag warning light
Plymouth Sundance - Crunching sound on steering turn
Plymouth Breeze - Brakes
Plymouth Voyager van - Stalling
Plymouth Voyager - Gearing Problems
Plymouth Breeze - Frozen Boot lock
Pontiac Sunbird 2.0L - squeaking under the hood
Pontiac Trans-am - Wiring issues in the engine bay
Pontiac Catalina - Heating problems
Pontiac Trans Am - Interior lights Problem
Pontiac Sunbird - Electrical problems
Pontiac 6000 Sport - Fuel starting running problems
Pontiac Parisienne - Engine idles too fast
Pontiac Grand AM - Leaking coolant
Pontiac Gran Prix - Problem head lights
Pontiac Grand AM - ABS light and Traction light on
Pontiac Bonneville - Noises when passing through water