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Doc Johns Happy Daze Diner

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Below is some extra Info - Please check out the slide show as the bulk of this article is there.

Now it has taken me 2 1/2 years part-time to build this from scratch, 98% of materials came from Home Depot ( a franchise similar to your major DIY shops ). The lamp shades, table chrome legs, black shelving behind the counter, children's nursery fun plastic mirrors and the corner shelves behind the counter which were actually triangular tables, I just unscrewed the legs and used to tops as shelves, all came from IKEA.

I painted the ceiling silver as a tin plate celing would have been way too expensive, The Hoola-Hoops I stuck on the celing have all the names of the fifties and sixties dance we did back then. Where the chrome poles come down from the celing into the lampshades you may notice on the celing that they fit into wooden music notes.

I cut these out of plywood, painted and chrome sprinkled. I thought of the music note idea because when initially building the place, I had to think where the electrical boxes should be placed so that they would be directly centered to the center of the table. Well when I did finally do the tables I was 7" out of center. To get around this problem I thought of music notes, so cut them out fixed the pole into the lower part of the note, ran the wiring inside the music note to come out into the tube and down attaching to the shade, problem solved.

The black/white tiles I used to create the waist line all around the diner inside and out took 1,212 tiles, this was the longest job The floor tiling took 460 tiles. The red paint in the diner used 3 gallons, the white paint took 3 gallons. I used 360 feet of stainless and aluminum trim. Drilled and countersunk 460 holes and using the same amount of chrome headed countersunk screws. There are 18 electrical outlets and two switches, one switch which is outside the diner to the lower right of the diner sign operates all the lights inside and out. No wires showing anywhere. The dimensions of the place is 12 feet wide at one end, 18 feet the other including the foyer and is 38 feet long. It seats 16 people.

The neon on the outside is produced by me using 5/8th clear plastic tubing with flourescent skipping ropes threaded through. I used flat 1/4inch aluminum to bend the letters for the outside signs above the windows, then siliconed them onto clear plastic sheeting then glued the skipping ropes to the edges. The hidden Ultra Violet lamps produce the desired neon effect without the big expense of real neon.

Slide Show With Comments - Dr John
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